Is it your dream to become a glamour model?

If you are passionate about beginning your glamour modelling career but feel nervous due to scam artists that lurk preying on hopefuls you have come to the right place. Unfortunately, predators do use the modelling world as a way to lure young, eager individuals. It has tainted the glamour modelling industry with many parents and young hopefuls are concerned about their involvement in the field. However, there are many trustworthy companies amongst the scam artists. Use top tips to stay safe in the modelling world.


If an opportunity arises it is important to research the company or name fully. Analyse their website but also look for reviews and testimonials. Those who have unfortunately encountered a bad experience with a company will most likely share their experience.

Do not go alone

Always meet in a public place and take a parent or relative with you. With an adult’s support and life experience you will be able to sense if a situation is not legit. Trust their advice as their judgement will not be clouded by excitement.

Do not trust social media

Companies will not message you on social media. Ignore this type of contact as those searching for glamour models do not operate in this way. Agencies are inundated with applications wishing to be signed to their agency. Therefore, they do not need to use social media for approaching models.

Do not keep secrets

It is important to be honest and open with your parents. Do not meet up with an individual alone and always tell someone where you are going. Being secretive could lead to danger as no one will know of your whereabouts.

Be certain

As a glamour model you will be expected to be comfortable with nude exposure wearing revealing clothing. It is important that you are absolutely certain that you wish to proceed with this type of modelling. Once the photographs are posted online it is extremely difficult to completely remove from the internet.

Stay strong

Never be forced or pushed into a situation that you are not 100% comfortable with. Do not be persuaded or back down to perform a pose or remove an item of clothing that you are uncomfortable with. Stay strong by saying no and leave if the pressure becomes too much. Always have a friend or relative with you to help resist their demands if necessary.

Ask questions

Prior to the shoot ask as many questions as possible for reassurance. Hopefully the answers will remove any doubt from your mind or confirm your suspicions. If they refuse to answer your queries it is likely they are covering something up.

Remember that glamour modelling is for 18 years and over. Never trust anyone who is trying to hire you as an underage model. Only work with those who are following the rules properly to remain safe and free from danger. It is tempting to trust anyone to achieve your dream yet it could lead to an unsafe situation. Please be cautious!

If you are in doubt contact and we will check them out on your behalf to see that they are real and who they say they are. 🙂