What is a eFolio?

eFolios are the latest development in the modelling world, acting as your own online portfolio. The internet has opened up a whole new way for models to market themselves, where if you are proactive enough could earn you some great jobs without being represented by an agency.

What are the benefits of an eFolio?

An online presence is always a great way to start your modelling career as it doesn’t just market you nationally but globally as well. It can be an incredibly successful tool to gain work as a freelance model by networking and applying for jobs through casting agencies and use your eFolio to showcase your ability as a model.

Self-marketing and self-promotion are now the most productive options to find employment and it can help you control your career rather than being tied to an agency and waiting for work to come to you.


Online safety!

If you are contacted via your eFolio remember to not immediately leap at the opportunity with both hands. Research the company or individual and ask as many questions as possible to gauge their authenticity.

It is easy to rush ahead with excitement yet please stay calm and consider the opportunity to ensure that it is legit. Many scam artists can hide behind a computer screen so it is essential to investigate first.