A successful modelling career can be fulfilling and rewarding, but to get there you’ll need to overcome some initial hurdles and make sure you stay vigilant and careful when you are starting out.

There are a few things you should look out for and avoid saving yourself a lot of disappointment:

  1. Forgetting about natural shots

New models underestimate the importance of adding natural shots to their portfolio even though those areas – if not more – important as retouched images and images showing you wearing makeup.

Your snapshots (also known as polaroid’s or digitals) should show you with little to no makeup and your natural hair. Agents and scouts need them to see what you look like naturally in order to assess your modelling potential. They’ll look at your bone structure, the length of your hair, arms and legs, your body proportions and your skin.

  1. Lack of professionalism in correspondence

How you present yourself in your e-mails and messages says a lot about you as a person and about how a potential client might perceive you.

As your initial point of contact with an agency will be via e-mail, make sure they are not put off by bad grammar, spelling errors and the language that is too casual for professional correspondence.

If you don’t want an agent to hit DELETE on your messages because of those mistakes, make sure to keep your e-mails concise, grammatically correct and free of unnecessary personal details.

  1. Limiting your exposure

You don’t have to stop looking for other avenues and possibilities once you get signed to an agency or start working within a particular market.

To get more work and a nice variety of castings and jobs, you must carry on expanding your skill set and be seen by agencies working in various fields of modelling.

Remember, the more you get seen, the more potential you have for getting representation by a variety of agencies – locally, as well as internationally.

  1. Not sticking to your standards

There is such a thing as being too eager. When a new model says, she would do anything to become successful, it’s absolutely NOT a good thing. In fact, agents would be weary of representing someone with little integrity and probably prefer to stay away.

Know your worth and stick to your morals. If anyone offers you more exposure by trying to put you in a compromising or uncomfortable situation – steer clear and preserve your reputation, you’ll thank us later.

  1. Taking every “No” personally.

It’s understandable that hearing that you didn’t get a job or a contract because you don’t have the right look is disheartening, but you always need to remember not to take it personally.

Believe us when we say that agents, scouts or clients say no for a variety of reasons and none of them has anything to do with who you are as an individual. Sometimes, it could be because they already booked a model who looks similar to you, or they want different coloured hair, or eyes…. Don’t take it personally – being invited to audition already means you were noticed and you are liked.

  1. Giving up your dream

Many successful models were rejected by agencies and casting directors over and over again, and do you know why they still succeeded in the end? Because they were persistent and they never gave up on their dream to become a model. It’s a process that takes time and dedication so keep at it, learn, educate yourself, acquire experience and before you know it, you’ll be the next top model we’ll see in a Vogue spread.