Some great modelling advice for any aspiring model is that when going to a casting, it is extremely important that you are confident and stand out. give you this modelling advice, as we know all too well that a casting can be extremely intimidating, but having a carefree mentality is essential.

You may not get the job yes, but the more outgoing, charming and confident you are, the bigger the chance you have of booking the next one. If it turns out that you don’t get the job, ask them why and for some modelling advice, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Just because you didn’t have the look they were going for in that casting, doesn’t mean you won’t on the next. Learn from the modelling advice that they may offer you next piece of modelling advice is that you practice your poses in front of the mirror and then try and get a friend to take a picture of you as you do it.



This modelling advice may sound strange, but in a casting you have to hold your hair away from your face pose in front of the casting panel, so they will be able to see you from every angle. You will have to stand face on, and then turn to your side so they can see your profile. Our modelling advice team recommend you should plan each pose approximately 5 seconds apart.

If you are attending a casting that is for catwalk, you will also be required to show your walk. In modelling advice experience, some of the models have better walks than others. The stronger your walk is, the better your chance of booking the job.

Our most important piece of modelling advice is do not be afraid to smile and say a few words to the casting panel, they like models with personality.

They are less likely to book you for the job (even if you have the best look out of all of the models that they see in a casting) if you have lack of personality or if you come across as dismissive or rude. aftercare advice team believes this is because even your personality translates on camera, so smile and say a few words about what you think about what the client is doing.