In the modelling world, it is vital that you take the time to accurately determine ALL of your measurements. There is a proper method to this, but looking down at your chest, shrugging, and giving it your best guess is not it.
In addition to determining your measurements, it is equally important to RECORD your measurements as you go along. You are of no help to any client if you tell them, “I took my measurements once… but I don’t remember what they were.”
Make sure to save all of your measurements in a word file, on your phone and in your modelling note pad ☺, so that it is readily available.
(For reference, basic measurements are written as a series of 3 numbers, separated by hyphens. The accepted format requires the following info: Bust-Waist-Hips, IN THAT ORDER. So to recap, if a model lists their stats as “34-24-35”, that indicates their Bust is a 34, their Waist is a 24, and their Hips are a 35.)
As a London Fashion Model, you should be updating your measurements every 6 months at a minimum- although every 3 months is ideal. Clients need accurate stats from any potential model, and if you waste their time by sending measurements from 3 years ago and when you were 50 pounds lighter, they will NOT take kindly to having their time wasted in such a way. When it comes to measurements- keep them updated, and keep them accurate! It will only benefit you in the long run.

DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR MEASUREMENTS. There is no benefit whatsoever in giving “embellished” (aka, falsified) measurements in the first place; on top of which, you WILL get caught. There is no excuse for anything but the truth when it comes to this!!!
Another important detail: If you have a profile/portfolio on any modelling website, FILL IN YOUR MEASUREMENTS! Those blank fields asking you to enter your measurements? Yes, they really are there for a reason- and yes, they really will remain blank unless you fill them out. The “stats section” appears on your public profile at all times; filled out or empty, like it or not- it will always be displayed to the world.
The reason this pertains to you: People in this industry have fleeting attention spans to begin with, but they will especially lack ANY sort of patience for a model that omits such basic (and essential) information while trying to make a first impression.
Be as thorough as possible when it comes to your online profiles- this is a direct reflection upon you, and it is the message you are choosing to send to the world. Many models ignore this simple step; thus many models GET ignored (for wonderful opportunities) as a direct result. Do not let this happen to you!

Start with a soft, flexible measuring tape- the kind you would use for a sewing project, NOT the sturdy kind that your dad would use for a house project.
It is preferable (and easier) to have somebody else take your measurements, but not a requirement.
BUST: Place the measuring tape under your armpits; arms should rest at your sides. Next, measure around the shoulder blades and the fullest part of your breast. The number showing is your “bust measurement.”
WAIST: Locate the slimmest part of your natural waistline, and measure. The number showing is your “waist measurement.”
HIPS: DO NOT measure your hip bone. Instead, locate the fullest part of your butt and measure around this. This measurement will serve as your “hip measurement.”
CUP SIZE/BRA SIZE: Unless specifically asked to include cup size in your Bust-Waist-Hip measurement, it should be left out; it generally serves as its own separate ‘measurement’. To determine your cup size, wear a comfortable bra and follow these steps:

1) Measure around your rib cage, just below your breasts. If the number is less than 33”, add “5” to your number, then record this figure. If your number is more than 33”, you will need to add “3” to your number. Record this figure. (This is your band size)
2) Measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Record this number. (This is your cup size)
3) Subtract the number from “Step 2 (Cup Size)” by the number you recorded from “Step 1 (Band Size)”. Now, record this new number.
4) Finally, you can determine your bra size by using the following chart:
If the number you determined during step 3 is:
Less than 1/2″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “AA”.
1″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “A”.
2″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “B”.
3″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “C”.
4″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “D”.
5″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “DD” or “E”.
6″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “DDD” or “F”.
If you need more guidance on any of the above please contact us: